My name is Margaret Pommert. 

I'm a Pacific Northwest native, though I lived, worked, and sailed in many other parts of the country/world before returning to Seattle in 2010. 

I work in the local boating industry as a US Coast Guard 50 ton licensed captain and instructor, but also actively volunteer to promote women in boating and boating safety. I serve on the board of directors for the Sailing Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to promoting Safety at Sea and Youth Sailing in the Pacific Northwest.

The recommendations I make here are based on my personal experience; I'm not being paid for them. While I work for or with many of the organizations listed here, the purpose of this website is not to sell you anything. Rather, regardless of your budget, I hope you'll find resources here that will get you out on our local waters, having fun and being safe.... and following your boating dreams anywhere they take you!

Captain Margaret Pommert

Active boater. Captain & crew

Sail & Power. Race & cruise. Here & elsewhere

Work w/many groups listed here

But want to guide you to the BEST resources for YOUR needs!

Pacific NW boating advocate

Want you to have fun, be safe, on the water!

Certified On-the-Water and Classroom Instructor

US Sailing

  • Level 1 Small Boat 
  • Basic Keelboat 
  • Basic Cruising
  • Bareboat Cruising
  • Coastal Navigation
  • Coastal Passage Making
  • Performance Sailing
  • Cruising Catamaran Endorsement
  • REACH; STEM education

American Sailing Association

  • Basic Small Boat Sailing 
  • Basic Keelboat 
  • Basic Coastal Cruising
  • Bareboat Cruising 
  • Coastal Navigation 
  • Advanced Coastal Cruising
  • Cruising Catamaran
  • Docking Endorsement

US Powerboating

  • Basic Cruising Powerboat
  • Inshore Powerboat Cruising
  • Night Operations

Recreational Powerboating Assn.

  • Powerboat Classroom
  • Single Inboard Powerboat 

National Safe Boating Council

  • NASBLA approved Safe Boating 

US Coast Guard Licensed Captain

50 Ton Master, Near Coastal and Inland

Sail and Towing endorsements

...whatever boat I'm on

With all the time I spend on boats, I'm often asked what my favorite boat is. My answer is always the same; "Whatever boat I'm on!"