Inspiration: Pink Boat Regatta; What a Woman Can Do


Benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The Pink Boat Regatta began with a sailor, daughter, and scientist  wanting to do more. Ashley Bell had recently fallen in love with sailing  when she learned her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer - for  the second time. Open to men and women! Races in Bellingham, Seattle, Tacoma in 2019. Since it's inception, the Pink Boat Regatta has raised $464,000 for breast cancer research.  

Inspiration: Vivian Strolis; What a Woman Can do


Turning a derelict boat into a Knot-learning station

What one woman can do: 

What is Knot  A Boat?

It is a 8’ BY 8’ bow of a fiberglass boat outfitted as a knot-tying  station. It offers a 3 dimensional  opportunity to learn and practice  tying the many knots that we as boaters need to or should use to make  our boating lives safer and easier but which we are often out of  practice with or have never learned.

Where did the idea for Knot A Boat come from?

It came from the creative imagination of the co-director/creator of  Northwest Women in Boating, Vivian Strolis, who needed a hands-on three  dimensional way of making knot tying stick. It took the focus of  Northwest Women in Boating on helping improve boating skills for greater  safety. It took the supportive community of boat-loving gals to adopt a  unique idea.


Where did Knot A Boat come from?

It came from ‘the depths of the Puget Sound’. Yep, creative Vivian  asked herself, “Where can we get a boat and someone to cut the end off  for us? It turned out that the Derelict Vessel Removal Program were the  perfect source. These are the folks who drag up derelict, sunken boats  from the depths and gather other abandoned boats from around the Sound.  They were so thrilled that someone actually wanted to take one of the  boats off their hands, or at least part of one, that they did the actual  cutting off of the bow to Vivian’s specifications.

Inspiration: Jeanne Socrates; What a Woman Can Do


Her voyage

The oldest woman to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world. The first woman to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world from North America. 

NOW, the oldest PERSON to sail solo nonstop unassisted around the world. Track to the right shows her going around Cape Horn! 

Inspiration: Carol Hasse, Role Model; What a Woman Can Do

Inspiration: Girls STEM and Sailing with FrogPrints e!


Using boating to interest girls in Science, Tech, Engr and Math

What a Woman Can do: Founding Organizer and President Laura Wilbur was inspired by a girl she knew announcing "I don't do math!" 

After school and summer programs for middle-school aged girls. Held in partnership with local organizations such as the Center for Wooden Boats, Sail Sand Point, Virginia V. Enroll your daughter, and/or volunteer to help!

Tracy Edwards: "Maiden" Round the World Skipper

What a Woman Can Do. Tracy Edwards, the woman who became a skipper on the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989. See the great documentary "Maiden"!

Women of The United States Naval Academy

What a Woman Can Do

Inspiration: Because Cruising is Fun!

Women's Catamaran Cruising Class

1 week in the San Juan Islands, Fall 2019

Women's Dinghy Excursion

Isla Coyote, MX

Women's Flotilla

San Juan Islands

Inspiration: Because Racing (and Practicing) is Fun!

Women's Race Practice

Seattle Sailing Women's Group

Women's Race Crew Tennis Ball Tag Practice

Seattle Sailing Women's Group

Orca Race Practice

When a pod of Orca interrupt your women's race team practice, nobody minds!