Get to Know Your Diesel Engine!

This page has some recommended marine diesel books, and lists some hands-on training in marine diesel engines, as well as electrical systems, offered for recreational boaters in the greater Seattle area. 

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Some Recommended Books on Marine Diesel Engines

How Boat Things Work: An Illustrated Guide

By Charlie Wing. Great for anyone, but especially beginners; you can’t hope to fix it if you don’t even know how it works. A great place to start. Available in book or electronic version. 

Boatowner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual

Or "Marine Diesel Engines", or any other book or article by Nigel Calder. Available in book or electronic version. 

Troubleshooting Marine Diesels

By Peter Compton. A good reference. Available in book or electronic version.

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Hands on Marine Diesel Classes for Recreational Boaters

Seattle Maritime Academy: Ballard

Marine Diesel Engine classes are part of the Recreational Boater Continuing Education series at Seattle Maritime Academy.

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Waggoners' Cruisers' College: Anacortes

Hands on seminars in Marine Diesel Engines and Marine Electrical systems at the NW Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology in Anacortes. 

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