Where to find Puget Sound Charts and Guide Books

Puget Sound: Popular Cruising Guides


Waggoner Cruising Guide

"The Bible of Northwest Cruising" has a chapter dedicated to the San Juan Islands. Updated yearly, which is important because marinas move their docks around, bathroom and shower facilities burn down, new restaurants open, phone numbers change, etc. 

Ports and Passes

Annual tide and current tables, Puget Sound to Ketchican. 

Captn Jack's Puget Sound Tide & Current Almanac

For Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Hood Canal, San Juan Islands. Doesn't cover Inside Passage, as Ports and Passes does. Corrected for Daylight Savings Time. Page-a-day format. Doesn't give detailed picture like the Current Atlas, but easier to use because just one book.

Tidal Currents of Puget Sound

Graphic current charts and flow patterns. From David Burch, Starpath Navigation.

Maritime Place Names; Inland Washington Waters

By Richard Blumenthal. An interesting reference. Did you know that "Hale Passage" is named after a crew member from an early expedition that stayed after to study the native people and their language? His mother wrote "Mary had a Little Lamb"... and made Thanksgiving popular!

Cleats & Eats; boater's restaurant guide Seattle/Puget Sound

By Lorena Landon. Most recent version is 2010(?) so lots has changed, of course. Still, a fun reference.