Thoughts on Choosing a Sailing School

Some Major Local Sailing/Boating Schools

San Juan Sailing/Yachting: Bellingham

American Sailing Association & Recreational Power Boating Association courses. Live aboard classes in San Juan Islands and women-only classes. 

Seattle Sailing Club: Shilshole Marina

American Sailing Association certification courses on Puget Sound. Active womens' and racing programs.

Windworks Sail & Power Boating: Shilshole Marina

US Sailing and US Powerboating certification courses on Puget Sound. Large fleet of sail and power cruisers, catamaran.

Seattle Maritime Academy: Ballard

Evening Recreational Boater classes. Marine Diesel, Knots and Line Handling, Transiting the Ballard Locks, and more. Non-profit.

Other Schools, Instructors

 Women only training? On line training? Hands on workshops? Here are some other options. 

 We have some GREAT non-profit community sailing programs in Seattle, like the Center for Wooden Boats and Sail Sand Point that are inexpensive ways to learn to sail. They are listed in the "Community" page. 

Other Boating Instructors, Schools, Training

Other woman boating instuctors

Some women sail and power boating instructors from around the Puget Sound area

Waggoner Cruisers' College

Seminars are held in Seattle area and at the NW Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology in Anacortes. 

Private Instruction on Your Own Powerboat

For private instruction on your own powerboat, I highly recommend Captain Linda Lewis at


On-line Navigation, Marine Weather, Radar, and Navigation Rules training. Rigorous, high quality training, used by both professional and recreational mariners.


Popular on-line education, with netowrk of affiliated instructors/schools. Not affiliated with US Sailing, American Sailing association, or other US certification organizations shown here.

Boater Education List

Many more options listed here. From 48 North, which also publishes a current, detailed list annually in their magazine.