Lifesling and Crew ('Man') Overboard Rescue Training

This page addresses the Lifesling crew-overboard rescue system, and related topics.

Lifesling instruction video

Great video on how to use the LIfesling on a sail or powerboat to rescue someone who has fallen overboard.

Overview of Lifesling equipment

Intro to the Lifesling by Chuck Hawley, former Chair of US Sailing Safety at Sea 

Lifesling Hoist Practice Dockside

Watch the Women of Seattle Sailing Club practice the use of the Lifesling hoist

Boaters' reviews of Lifesling

Practical Sailor: "Best Crew Overboard Response System"


Parbuckle type man-overboard recovery gear compared to Lifesling 2

Article from Practical Sailor comparing overboard recovery gear.  

Link to article

Crew ("Man") Overboard Prevention


Crew Overboard Prevention: How to Remain Aboard

Resource provided by US Sailing Safety at Sea

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Tether Failure Fatality Clipper Race: Lessons Learned

In Practical Sailor:

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Crew Overboard Fatality Volvo Ocean Race 2018

Press release on cause of crew overboard fatality from Team Scallywag.

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Lifesling Rescue: Seattle Times Article

April 4, 2018

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First-person account of a rescuing a kayaker with a Lifesling

Seattle Times Article

Lifesling Reference Downloads

Some of these materials are a bit dated, but still useful reference on the Lifesling

safety_lifesline_prep_guide (pdf)


Cold Water Bootcamp Video

Check out this great video on the realities of going overboard in cold water...  

Real-life test of thermal protection

Video of real-life test (brave volunteers!) of need for cold water protection, HELP position, as well as flotation. 


How to Drown in 60 Seconds? Hint, don't wear a life vest...