Navionics is the most popular boating navigation app right now, and for good reason. This page is intended to help you get started with the Navionics Boating on your mobile device, available from App Store or Google Play

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Download for Apple iOS mobile devices

To buy (or download 2 week free trial) from Apple. Suggest "Boating US & Canada" version.

Apple Navionics Apps

Download for Android App

To buy (or download 2 week free trial) from Google Play. Suggest "Boating US & Canada" version.

Google Play Navionics

Apple IOS "Help" Web Page

"Help" focused on an Apple device, using iOS

Help for Apple iOS

Android App "Help" Web Page

"Help" page focused on Android Apps

Help for Android App

On-line "Web-App" Boating Chart Viewer

View Navionics charts on your computer. As long as you have internet access you, can view Navionics charts for FREE here:

Boating chart viewer

"Bad Elf" External GPS for "WIFI Only" devices

Is your tablet WIFI only, not cellular capable? You can still use in remote boating areas with a remote GPS. Blue-tooth enabled Bad Elf is most popular

"Bad Elf" blue-tooth GPS

Video: Basics

Intro to the basic functionality

Download U.S. Chart No. 1

This file is the master 'key' to all chart symbols used on US charts. You may want to download it onto your mobile device along with Navionics, for reference. You can also put the cross hairs over the symbol and hit the "?" button.