Safety at Sea and Medical Emergencies at Sea Training

This page shares information on US Sailing Safety at Sea courses, as well as Medical Emergencies at Sea Training in the Pacific Northwest.

Safety at Sea Training

What is it?

Safety at Sea Training is up-to-date, in-depth training, from nationally recognized experts. This article I wrote for 48 North Sailing Magazine describes what it is, who should attend: . Also, from Scuttlebutt: and More info at US Sailing SAS:

Where Can I Get Info on Safety at Sea Classes in the Pacific Northwest?

The Sailing Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to youth sailing and safety at sea, organizes and schedules these events in Seattle and Portland areas;

Don't Want/Can't Afford the In-Person Training?

There is an on-line Coastal Safety at Sea course. More info here:

Medical Emergencies at Sea Training

Seattle Area Training

First Aid and CPR training focused on vessel at sea environments

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