FREE boater weather and ocean data dashboard

 The Northwest Association of Networked Ocean Observing Systems (NANOOS) Visualization System (NVS) “Boaters” dashboard.
NVS provides easy, free access to real-time (and 6 months of historic)  weather and ocean observations, forecasts, data, and visualizations.
What this means in English: Observations, forecasts, and maritime tools  tailored for the boating community. Includes tide and current forecasts,  digital nautical charts, and marina information. Everybody has easy  access to a “NVS Boaters Dashboard” of weather and ocean data for the  Pacific Northwest. Real time observations, forecasts, and up to 6 months  of history. Also lets you create and save your own routes on NOAA  Nautical Charts. Currently only available on-line from your computer,  but hopefully mobile coming soon. 

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