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Weather Resources from NOAA's Jay Albrecht.  Jay Albrecht is the senior marine weather forecaster for NOAA/the National Weather Service for our area. Thank you Jay! 

Weather Resources from NOAA's Jay Albrecht

National Weather Service forecasts

How to get, and use, these forecasts. 

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More Marine weather links

Cameras, tides, etc

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Weather apps

A sample from Jay

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Weather training

Met-Ed is free, and on-line

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Get, Understand National Weather Service Marine Forcast


From Jay Albrecht

United States National Weather Service, Seattle WA  

Global and Regional Models and hurricane information:

High Resolution Rapid Refresh (hourly) model data:

Ocean Prediction Center (Ocean fronts, waves):

University of Washington (including very high resolution 4/3 km model winds over Pacific Northwest

More Marine Weather Links

National Weather Service data and forecasts (NW Washington):

Weather cameras, hazards, observations:

National Weather Service (national page):

Tidal anomalies and storm surge:

Marine Forecasts and Warnings for Canada:

Interesting Phone Apps (some with marine uses):

  RadarScope, NOAA-Buoys Live Weather Data,  Marine Forecaster, NOAA Weather Radio, SailFlow, FishWeather, Boating Weather, TideApp, TideTrac   

Free Weather Education Training Courses:

MetEd Free On-line Training

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